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Tax Services

Business Tax Preparation

Running a business is a brave and noble task that sometimes carries a great deal of personal and financial risk. Some of the greatest risk comes from inaccurate record keeping, which can lead to getting slammed with unexpected tax expenses when you file. Many American businesses get into hot water with the Internal Revenue Service as a result of misinformation, negligence, or trusting the wrong tax professional with their file.

Late Tax Filing

The law is clear: federal taxes are due on April 15th, every year. Anything filed later is considered a late tax return. While there is usually leeway of a couple of days before the IRS gets concerned, it’s a load off your shoulders to know your taxes are in well before this date. If you haven’t gotten to that level of planning, then you’re one of the many Americans who file their taxes late every year. While this is a big problem, and if left unchecked can lead to significant financial penalties down the line, it’s a relatively simple problem to fix.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

At Santa Fe Insurance Services, we provide the best of the best when it comes to quick, painless, no nonsense tax filing. We can guarantee that your taxes will be filed on time and to the highest possible degree of precision. Even the smallest filing error can lead to penalties or other problems, and the average American is simply too busy doing everything required of their own life to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of tax law and policy.

Personal Tax

Santa Fe Insurance Services provides quick, precise, and accurate personal income tax preparation services. In addition to our services for corporations, small businesses, and self employed people, our personal income tax preparers are happy to make sure your taxes get filed accurately and on time, no matter how simple or complicated your personal income situation might be.

Too many people lose too much of their time trying to work out the details of their personal income tax all alone. We know how to take the guess work, labour, hassle, and frustration out of your personal income tax preparation.

Self-Employed Tax Preparation

Self-employment is extremely rewarding and liberating in so many ways. But you need to make sure that you can keep on top of the taxes! Whether you’ve been self-employed for many years, you’ve just started out, or you’re dreaming of your self-employed future, making sure you’re planning for your taxes should be part of your daily routine.

The friendly tax preparation specialists at Santa Fe Insurance Services have compiled some essential information that you should know about your self employed tax return, so you can have everything you need for your tax preparation process. Contact us now at (323) 587-9100 to get started.

Tax Filing

Some people are required by law to file their taxes every year. Other people choose to file taxes, in order to receive deductions, refunds, and other benefits. Even if you do not technically have to file a return, it is possible that it could be a good idea for you to file one anyway.

If you’re not sure if you need to file a return, or you would like more information about how you could benefit from filing one anyway, you can set up a meeting with one of our agents by calling (323) 587-9100 now.

Tax Preparation Services

A tax professional knows all of the details of tax law, and how it applies to your specific situation. That can mean bigger refunds, more deductions, and advice or counsel through some of the most complicated aspects of the law and policy of your region.

Make an investment that will pay off—in dollars, as well as your precious time. Call us at (323) 587-9100 now!

Tax Problems

At Santa Fe Insurance Services we know that people encounter tax problems for all sorts of reasons. Our qualified and experienced tax professionals have provided tax relief solutions to people from all backgrounds and professions.

Contact us now at (323) 587-9100 for more information or to get started with one of our qualified professionals.

Unpaid Back Taxes

Santa Fe Insurance Services is pleased to provide proven help managing back taxes and tax debt. With a history of success stories and a team of experts willing to figure out what works for you, you can trust us to build a strategy to get you debt-free, as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you are proactive about tackling your back taxes, you not only reduce undue costs to your personal or business wealth, but build the knowledge you need to prevent losses in the future.

Contact us now at (323) 587-9100 for more information on our services.

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